BORNO will rise once more – By Abdul Hakeem Adejokun

Today Borno unveiled its 25years development plan.
Governor Babagana Zulum has been a leader with vision from day 1 in office. I am very hopeful that Borno will rise again. Borno is a state I love so dearly. It’s the state of the Quran in the Northern Nigeria.
* Gov Zulum *
Once upon a time, it’s inhabitants lived in harmony. No one discriminated against us because we were southerners. It’s religious tolerance till date is almost at the peak. In Maiduguri, there is an area called Jerusalem Area. The famous Markaz Imam Malik is situated in Jerusalem Area, surprisingly with churches few metres away from it; Celestial Church, ECWA and others. Before the devil arrived, no one heard of a crisis between them.
 Everyone respected each other’s faith and knew its boundary beyond which no one was willing to cross.
In the city, I found a christian female who recited Suratul ‘Ala in a “sudaistic” manner. How they managed to do that only Allah knows.
Before the devil arrived, it was simply the most secured state in Nigeria. Despite Lagos running in my blood hardly can I step out in odd hours, otherwise you have only yourself to blame. In Maiduguri, there was no time of the day I haven’t been outside. No one queried me nor harass me for leaving Ramat Polytechnic to  Al Ummah library 2am, 3am.
Before the devil arrived, Borno was open to everyone. It was home to Igbos, Yorubas and other tribes. The incidence of Baga while searching for food on our first day still lingers in my memory. While we lamented about the unavailability of food we were used to, a cracking voice from behind echoed “E yin omo mi, e kaa bo”. I was shocked that anyone could speak “Ngbati” in this local government, next to Chad republic. “Mama! Se Yoruba ni yin ni?” was the next thing I uttered. The old woman in her early 70’s, covered like a Kanuri, from head to toe answered, “Yes Ogbomoso, ni mo ti wa”. Do you visit home? She answered “Kekere lati wa bi, mi o mo Ile mo”? This incidence still confirms to me that even if the attitude of some present day politicians, thier extreme greed  and  insensitivity presents enough proof why we should go our separate ways, we would not have a three separate regions. Rather, we will have THREE SMALL NIGERIA!
Before the devil arrived, the arable land fed the nation. The fish from Baga, the beans from Moguno travel to all places in Nigeria. During the ” Borno summer” you will bet with your life that a leaf can never grow on the sandy desert. Yet, during the “Borno spring” a single rainfall turn the entire desert to grass land. In Born, I saw red beans, yellow beans, white beans, black beans etc.
Before the devil arrived, Borno’s prospect as an oil producing state was beginning to become a reality. Large deposit of crude was said to be discovered in Monguno/ Baga axis, the same two local government areas where the devil sat and caused havoc.
Amidst this destruction, the God-sent governor has laid down a 25 year master plan to rebuild Borno state. I ask Allah to help him in his endavours. I pray to Him to grant us victory in out fight against Boko Haram, for they have transgressed all known Islamic etiquettes.
May Allah be the guide of our sincere politicians who’s interest is peace, progress and development of Nigeria but wipe off those who have “strangulate” this nation and are determined to cut off it’s “oxygen supply”; thus, leaving us big but weak.

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  1. I had similar experience when I was serving in Sokoto State in 1984. We went for road walk in the local government I was posted, myself and some friends were speaking in yoruba when someone from a hut greeted us in yoruba, we were shocked, we had to stop to see it was, the old woman came out of the hut, we greeted her and she informed us that she was married to an Hausa man who she was with. That was Nigeria of our time before heartless politicians divided us. Nigeria will rise again.

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