Boko Haram : Bloody hypocrisy – By Layi Deinde

I try in vain to reconcile how a group that detest Western and keep campaigning against Education could make use of multiple products of technological inventions like vehicles, guns, grenades, rocket launchers, internet, cameras, compass, navigational devices.
Technology, an important aspect of education is the skills, methods and processes used to achieve goals. Most of the equipment used by insurgents have direct bearing to education. It is then baffling and hard to fathom how one despise education on one hand and turn around to depend on products and bye-products of education.
The mischief began with segregation of education, classifying one western education and the other Islamic education. Whereas EDUCATION remain the act or process of facilitating learning or the process through which skills, knowledge, values, belief and habits are acquired. This definition makes education a universal way of teaching and learning, which does not exclude Islamic education. Many people of northern extraction inadvertently sympathize with the bloody movement based on the simple fact of buying into the unnecessary distinction created within education for the intent of keeping people in a state of perpetual backwardness.
Islam and Muslims contributed in no small magnitude to educational development. “Early Muslim education emphasized practical studies, such as application of technological expertise to the development of irrigation systems, architectural innovations, textiles, steel and ironmongery, earthenware and pottery, leather production, gun powder and paper production” As far back as 10th up to the 14th century learning centers which received students from all over the world exist in places like Alexandria , Baghdad, Cairo. The learning centers contributed immensely to advancement of knowledge, Muslim scholars made impact studying the earth, optics and physics, mathematics and algebra. They broke grounds in uses of drugs, herbs and foods for medication, they made use of anesthetics in surgery, innovating as well surgical tools. A considerable quantum of Islamic scholar’s creative works got translated from 12th century for use by Europeans. All happening during the golden era of Islam, two of the earliest universities in the world were the works of Islamic scholars.
Notable Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran prioritize Education, not Islamic education! This is evident in Human Development Index of the countries.
A section of the media help compound the problem by referring to bokoharam miscreants as Jihadists. This is a meritorious struggle or effort in the course of Almighty Allah. Basically, it is meant to propagate good virtue and discourage evil. The irresponsible behavior of insurgents can never be equated to jihad, hence calling them jihadist carries a mischievous intent as sections of the Umah might be sympathetic to those so described.
The number of human lives bokoharam insurgents have killed is just too much to bear. They are the real infidels who does not comply to the admonition of the Almighty who stress the sanctity of life in the [Holy Quran 6:155] “take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom”
Islam means religion of peace, keeping to the essence of that word to be at peace with everyone, including our enemies, going by the [Holy Quran 5:32] “if any one slew a person -unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it would be as if he slew the whole people.” Every soul is important to the creator, He in turn instructs us to preserve all lives, with few exceptions. A group that slaughter farmers on a rice field cannot be said to be carrying out any Islamic injunction, hence they are evil minded lot.
Northerners are expected to lead a massive psychological campaign against the miscreants who makes life miserable for over two million internally displaced people.
Clerics, Emirs, Political leaders and all notable voices ought to point out to citizens the hypocrisy of the irresponsible group for the sole purpose of withdrawing the allegiance that tend to make people give to bokoharam what should be given to state security agents. The campaign against the insurgents should be increased to complement the battle on the field by our forces.

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