Amazon wasn’t always Amazon – By Alex Garcia


Jeff Bezos originally had trouble finding the right word to name the now trillion-dollar empire.

A few registered domains, a dictionary, and an interesting comparison made Amazon the perfect name.


Here’s the quick backstory behind it.

Before Amazon became the online giant it is now, it was an online book store called…


It was in reference to the word abracadabra.

But his lawyer advised him to change the name because it was too unclear.

So, he continued on the search for the perfect name.

He registered domains such as:


And to this day, if you search any of those domains — they’ll redirect you to Amazon.

But still, none stuck.

In search, Bezos picked up an old reliable dictionary.

Of course, a book with nothing but words would help.

He wanted to pick a word that starts with “A.”

With over 16000+ words in the English dictionary, one must stand out.

When he saw the word “Amazon,” something struck.
He realized the word Amazon was somehow intertwined with his overall goal — to build the largest online bookstore.

In comparison, the Amazon River was the world’s largest river.

He made the decision and registered the domain on Nov 1, 1994.

But there was another reason.
The other reason is that being the largest river isn’t enough.

When explaining why Amazon was the most fitting name, Bezos replied, “This is not only the largest river in the world, it’s many times larger than the next biggest river. It blows all other rivers away.”

Jeff Bezos’s choice to pick “Amazon” for the name of his online bookstore was also a legendary growth hack.


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