Activist Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE writes Ogun Governor on appointment of Laycon as Youth Ambassador

Re: Appointment of Laycon as Ogun State Youth Ambassador
A very good evening to your Excellency Sir. My name is Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE. I am an indigene of Ogun State from Esure, Ijebu Imushin precisely. I am a youth advocate and expert based in Lagos State.
*R-L: Gov Abiodun, Laycon *
Sir, I am an ardent follower of your posts on Instagram being a passionate and concern indigene of Ogun State. I would like to commend your efforts in office towards making our state an envy among other states of the nation. That being said Sir, I want to hit a little on your recent appointment of the winner of the Big Brother Naija Lockdown 2020, Mr. Olamilekan Moshood Agbelesebioba a.k.a Laycon as Ogun State Youth Ambassador Sir.
* Baiye *
Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development under the former Commissioner Pharmacist Uzamat Akinbile Yusuf created a program called IBILE Youth Academy, carving the acronym IBILE from the five geopolitical zones in Lagos, namely: Ikeja, Badagry , Ikorodu, Lagos Island and Epe respectively. Youths are encouraged in their numbers to do online registration to the ministry’s portal and they are selected as random; a hundred to represent each zone. The selected 500 youths are now subjected to a week of intensive training under various facilitators, mentors and scholars in various topics of mental, physical and psychological evaluation. The best 50 (10 each from each zone) are later camped for a month for further rigorous mental, physical, psychological training in moulding leadership quality into them.
To the glory of God, let me with all humility and gratitude to God make proud to say, I am one of the facilitators in the last three editions and I can state boldly that two of my mentees, Mr. Lana Promise and Mr. Hakeem Balogun have at different times emerged overall winner representing the youths of the state as ambassador. Many of my mentees have at various editions made it to the top with some winning as their zones ambassadors. I teach on the issue of DRUG, SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND OTHER SOCIAL VICES AMONG THE YOUTHS.
It is from these youths that five divisional ambassadors are picked to represent each division and the overall best after various criterion have been put into consideration emergies the Lagos State Youth Ambassador, with his or her five deputies working hand-in-hand as the ‘think-tank’ for the State government in the area of youth matters, concerns and resolutions. I will not want to totally fault your appointment of Laycon as youth ambassador; infact I pray and tap into his grace because his achievement, most especially at this crucial pandemic hopeless situation can only be attributed to divine timing and appointment by God, so I join others in congratulating him.
That been said your Excellency Sir, I would appreciate it if you critically revisit your decision in making him Ogun State youth ambassador and map of what you intend to achieve with hiS success, fame and personality traits in making your decision a worthwhile effort which will in turn be a blessing to all Ogun State youths rather than the ambassador himself alone. This office should be effectively into use to orientate, encourage and raise the giant in every youth of the state because they all have it. His appointment should cut across making education become appreciative amongst our youths. Youth restiveness and other social vices affecting them should be positively tackled by his office and person. We are talking about our state here, this is more than an individual or his success at a program which majority of the homes frown at; if really we are to use and celebrate our son, brother and friend Laycon. Then sir, let’s do it with the vision and mission of our founding fathers for our state, taking into cognisant the well being and future of every youth in the state in mind.
Like I wrote earlier, I am a passionate indigene of the State and my area of expertise as always been Youth advocacy and transformation. I humbly submit my stand on this appointment and make a pledge to be of relevant assistance where and when deemed necessary by your lofty office Sir in making Ogun State and her youths the cynosure and envy of other states’ youth by joining forces with you, our state youth ministry, and the newly appointed youth ambassador in LOCKING DOWN TOTALLY YOUTH RESTIVENESS AND OTHER VICES in Ogun State.
God bless you Sir. God bless Ogun State. God bless Nigeria. Once again Sir, congratulations for being the number one citizen of the state that produced the winner of Big Brother Naija Lockdown, 2020 edition.
Thank you Sir for taking time out to read my view and contribution to making our state great. I remain your brother, friend and loyal citizen, Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE a.ka. SIMBA…………..Roooooooar
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One thought on “Activist Adebowale Folarinwa BAIYE writes Ogun Governor on appointment of Laycon as Youth Ambassador

  1. BAIYE has really disappointed me by elogizing the shameless action of Gov.? Dapo Abiodun who was imposed on the forward looking and brilliant people of Ogun state by greedy and corrupt Gbenga Daniel, Adams Oshiomole, Tinubu, and Osoba.
    It is unfortunate that the V.P. Professor Osinbajo, a supposedly Pastor of RCCG and an academic also got himself involved in the dastardly rigging of people’s right in Ogun state. Posterity will judge all of them.
    Since, Dapo became the governor, he has achieved anything except looting and bringing back the wheel of progress that the people’s governor Senator Ibikunle Amosun made in Ogun state. He has also reopened the prostitute den in MKO stadium. He is claiming to be preparing to finish “abandoned” projects by Gov. Amosun who turned Ogun state to an enviable position in the committee of ststes.
    Once again, I align myself with all the submissions of MURIC in addition to setting in motion necessary machinery to remove Dapo Abiodun as governor of Ogun state by the state legislative arm and the decent and hard working youths of Ogun state.
    I know BAIYE is also seeking the good favor of the inactive governor but not at the detriment of the integrity of the decent youths of Ogun state.

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