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Awakening and Stimulating the Craving for the (pleasure of)  Allah
As days and nights pass by, faith wears out in the mind and the pillars of love for righteous deeds weaken; hence,  you find yourself in need of someone to motivate you so that you are enrobed with a renewed garment of faith with which you welcome Ramadan.

The source of the ability to carry out a deed is the support of Allah and the readiness of the servant.  We mean by the readiness of the servant, his desire and willingness to do good.


In a Hadith Al-Qudusi, Allah the Most High says as reported by His Messenger:
“He who draws close to Me a hand’s span, I will draw close to him an arm’s length and whoever draws near Me an arm’s length,  I will draw near him a fathom’s length and whoever comes to Me walking,  I will go to him running.  ”

The grace to take the initiative is given to the servant while the response of his Lord is inevitably decreed.

“So,  remember Me, I will remember you…” Q 2 v 152

How do you awaken the craving for the pleasure of Allah?

How do you awaken the Craving for the (pleasure of)  Allah

When you answer the call of Allah to His worship whether it is Salah,  Zakah,  Fasting or Hajj you are expected to do so with the aim to earn His pleasure. When you do an act of worship without the love for Allah and seeking His pleasure reigning in your heart, you lose the taste of faith that comes with the worship.

It is this love that gives one the drive to be among the forerunners in righteous deeds.  Such love and zeal that made the prophet of Allah Musa Alayhi Salaam to say :

“…And I hastened to You my Lord,  that You be pleased. ” Qur’an 20 verse 84

Some of the factors that help to awaken the drive to crave for the pleasure of Allah include :

1. Reading about the Names and Attributes of Allah: When you understand the names and attributes of Allah and how Allah relates with His servants with these names and attributes , you will want to be closer to Him and please Him. You do all you do with the assurance that He knows all things,  He sees,  He is Mighty and Powerful,  He is Irresistible and no one dictate to Him.  Ibn Qayyim for example, gave a wonderful principle in his Al-Waabil As-Sayyib on how Allah relate with his servant through His attributes when he said:
“Whoever relates with the creature of Allah with a certain attribute (be it mercy, kindness or otherwise)  Allah will relate with him with such attribute in this world and in the hereafter.

2. Reflecting on the numerous blessings of Allah: the mind is naturally disposed to loving the one who does good to it.  That is why the Qur’an has many verses which mention the blessings of Allah on His creatures.  When you start looking at these blessings rather than focusing on what you are yet to have or the troubles in your life, you will  realize you need to seek the pleasure of Allah in the coming month through acts of Ibaadah.

3. Regretting the time spent in the past without righteous deeds and making resolution to make amends.

4.Reading about the righteous predecessors and how they spent their time. For example,  the month of Sha’ban is called the month of Quraa (reciters)  because they would start the recitation of Qur’an in preparation for Ramadan in this month (And I hastened to you my Lord,  that You be pleased) Also, you look at those who put things forth for their hereafter in this present time through different acts of Ibaadah. This will make
you to be inspired and not tarry behind.


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