Abba Kyari’s murky road to self-destruction-


The event of Hushpuppi and Abba Kyari has been the talk of the nation since last week. Initially, it was like a mild drama but eventually transmogrified to a very serious national cum international discourse.


Like our usual tradition in Nigeria, I think it would be a mere indictment that would make headlines for some days and be swept under carpet but in this regard, the FBI really mean business against our celebrated super cop. The action movie is now getting deeper and gaining lengthy waves.



I have heard of Abba Kyari’s success stories in combating crime, winning many wars against kidnapping, banditry, robbery, and Bokoharaming. Many video footages had previously emerged in the media publicizing Kyari’s giant strides as IG-IRT.


We have heard of his victories, awards, and accolades as one of the most celebrated cops in Nigeria. The media rush has glued Abba Kyari to the social elites, celebrities of high timber and caliber carelessly without little caution.


Abba Kyari enjoyed media encomiums and dwells in the pool of stardom which is not required of his profession.


Till now, I have not read or heard of any police officer with such exploration like Kyari, a valorous, giant, and highly intelligent officer to the core. Of course, these emblems have portrayed him as a good officer among others.


Unfortunately, the slippery nature of Nigeria’s soil has overturned his super cop emblem to mockery and reproach.

To me, Abba Kyari was never overrated. He worked diligently for the honors. He served gallantly and maintained a good tempo in the murky terrain of his profession. Show me the perfect man and I will tell you how my mother is still a virgin after many births.


I don’t expect Abba Kyari to be perfect. Not even as a police officer but where he tailored his ‘runs-hood’ got many disappointed. Whatsapp conversation released by the FBI indicated how he wined and dined with the staunch fraudster.


Before Hushppuppi’s indictment, he was seen at Cubbana’s burial. I want to believe if Cubana is arrested today, Kyari may likely be indicted again because the kind of jamboree and profligacy spending at such occasion did not befit a super cop.


The kind of relationship that exists between Abba Kyari, Hushppupi, and other socialites is unprofessional.


Money is the root of all evils, that’s unarguable, human insatiable nature is also a factor. One will be marveled at how Hushpuppi dominated the WhatsApp conversations, controlling and compelling Kyari to arrest, detain and give Chibuzo, his scam partner the beating of his life.


Everything in the conversation is an eyesore that added to the already battered and shattered image of the Nigeria Police Force.


Least of wonders, after Abba Kyari’s indictment by Hushppupi and his extradition brouhaha, Kyari, the intelligent officer rushed to the media to prove himself innocent, a woeful attempt to crisis management. Abba Kyari has forgotten that he is dealing with the FBI; not Nigeria security agencies.


Abba Kyari, the intelligent officer should have known that the FBI is armed with concrete, credible and factual shreds of evidence. He should know better with his level of experience that before Hushpuppi, a fraudster he once favored could be frustrated to mention his name in the scam deal, series of accurate and factual investigations had been done and dusted.


Abba Kyari should have engaged a good lawyer and PR agency before narrating clothe seller/tailor stories on his Facebook page.


Turning himself to fashion consultant all in the name of defence was too cheap and disgusting.

The two different tales narrated by Abba Kyari were contradictory. Initially, he talked about how Hushpuppi loved his outfit on his page and connected him to the clothe seller/tailor. He said Hushpuppi transferred 300k to the clothe seller directly.


In another clime, he edited the post and erased the part that involved clothe selling and 300k transaction. Abba Kyari should have calmed down a little bit before shooting himself in the leg with contradictory stories. Crisis management requires tactics and professionalism, not by being a detective.


Discussing clothing to obtain a soft landing in a serious allegation handled by the FBI is nothing but a messy disappointment. From Abba Kyari’s two tales, the realities and the lies are very obvious. Too visible.


For Abba Kyari, this is a torrid and tortuous route to self-destruction after many applauds and commendations. Now he has a tiny chance to come out of this unscathed.

Three things cannot be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon, and The Truth…The world is watching!


*Busy Brain Writes In From Adamawa State



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