8 Jobs Women Do Far Better Than Men

If you need to put someone in charge of something, consider a woman for the job.
According to a Duke University paper, females in leadership positions are regarded as better at the job.
The study reveals that women are seen by employees as more competent and relationship oriented. It’s an ironic development – women have to work harder and face more obstacles than their male counterparts, which also makes them substantially more effective and respected once they reach executive positions.
Police Officers
It might seem like a very manly job, but when it comes to laying down the law men are pretty terrible at it.
A study by the University of Maribor found that women are much less tolerant of immoral behaviour, especially among their peers.
Consequently there is far less corruption and such among female officers and those who serve with them.
Female police officers are also less prone towards police brutality: in an analysis of payouts for victims from the notorious Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), a staggering 96 percent of the cases involved male officers.
Computer Programmers
There is little data on if women make better programmers, but this is mainly due to a general lack of them in that industry. Still, anecdotal evidence by those in the know suggest that the feminine touch makes a big difference.
The tech field is also one of the places where women get very good salaries., so there is clearly a demand. According to the Ingres database company, women write cleaner code and leave more notes, facilitating better collaboration with other programmers.
Men, in contrast, appear to love writing cryptic and complicated code in a vain attempt to show off their talents.
This one is a bit of a double-edged sword. Women are both better at giving us the news… and worse. But even that is more the fault of men.
A Swiss study found that when people receive news from a female newscaster, they are less likely to question its accuracy as when a man does the talking.
Audiences respond to women and it is no surprise that female newscasters have grown from single-digits in the 1950s to representing more than half the industry in places such as the U.S. But there is a catch: an Indiana University study found that very attractive female journalists are actually a distraction and we are less likely to remember what they reported about.
Need to choose a doctor or dentist? Opt for the feminine touch.
Female medical practitioners are much more attentive and spend up to 10 percent more time with patients than male doctors.
They also make fewer mistakes. The American Medical Association found that male doctors are twice as likely to be sued for malpractice. A British government study also found that women are a fifth less likely to be investigated for misconduct.
Board Members
With these tough economic times, a company’s future is only as strong as the board of people leading it. It turns out that having a mixed board of directors is much, much better than an all-male team. The Credit Suisse Research Institute studied 2,360 companies with market worths of above $10 billion and found that those with mixed boards performed on average 26 percent better than their competitors.
It is believed that women are less prone to risky behavior and help to keep things stable.
Mixed board companies also had better net growth and faster debt reduction. Now imagine what an all-female board could do…
Want your money to grow? Then talk to a lady.
When Barclays Capital and Ledbury Research crunched the numbers, they found that women make more money from investments.
The female of the species is less prone to take big risks and more willing to ride out tough periods – often making them more money in the long run.
This greater self-control has also been credited with the rise of professional female gamblers.
Professional poker in particular is filled with top female players who will take you to the cleaners.
A long-running myth has always dogged women in matters of war. It has been said that women are not allowed to fly bombers as they lack the emotional clarity to attack major targets. Not true. And on top of that – they make for excellent spies.
According to an MI5 document written just after World War 2, women are much better at getting information and they are also less prone to compromise themselves.
The document details that women are expert at remembering names and faces, plus they have a knack getting people to talk candidly. Men, in contrast, are far more likely to blurt out secrets just to impress someone.
So James Bond had it wrong – he should have left it to the Bond Girls.
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