5 Potential Business Opportunities You Can Learn for Free Before ASUU Called Off Its Strike – By Najeeb G. Abdulhamid, PhD


Ever since I wrote 5 Productive Activities to Engage with During the ASUU Strike a week before the commencement of the ASUU strike, there has been a need for another piece considering the strike has lingered beyond anyone’s expectation.

In this article, my main objective is to encourage students to make productive use of their time to learn skills that can help them find a job, transform their business, or propel them to land their next big opportunity. The opportunities I am referring to here are assembled on a Google platform called Skillshop, formerly known as Academy for Ads.


Google described Skillshop as a one-stop shop for everyone to learn about Google professional tools and solutions. For two reasons, I have presented some of these tools and solutions. First, not everyone knows where to locate these resources. Second, even if some of you are aware of their presence, there is the possibility that you may not know the full potential of these products and the vast business opportunity space they can occupy in the Nigerian business ecosystem.

For these reasons, I invite you to read and discover which tools or products will add value to your life.


1. Google Ads

Those who would like to take this learning path will have the opportunity to gain experience in how to advertise a business online and earn a certificate professionally. The learning path contains different certifications you can study in less than five hours, such as Google Ads Search Certification, Google Ads Display Certification, Google Ads Measurement Certification, and Google Ads Video Certification. Others are Shopping Ads Certification, Google Ads App Certification, Google Ads Creative Certification, and Grow Offline Sales Certification.

2. Google Marketing Platform

In this learning path, users can explore, learn, and earn badges and certificates in different fields related to Google product marketing. People can earn certifications such as Google Analytics Certification, Mobile Experience Certification, Search Ads 360 Certification, Campaign Manager 360 Certification, Creative Certification, and Display and Video 360 Certifications, among others.

3. Google My Business

This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to enlist businesses online so that whenever people search for information about a business, such a business will pop up as a Google result. For example, if you search for “Bakery in Kano,” Google will display bakeries’ listings on Google My Business, including their physical address, geolocation, opening and closing hours, directions, ratings, and phone numbers. In addition to learning how to enlist in business, you can also learn how to activate Pointy. Pointy is another Google product that lets you display your in-store products on your Google business profile, where customers can see your inventory or search for a particular product. People can learn and earn certificates for Google My Business and Pointy in less than two hours.

4. YouTube

People can learn and earn at least four different certifications in this learning path. A person enrolled in this learning path can optimise and monetise content, engage the audience, earn revenue, and manage intellectual property rights. The certifications in this learning path include YouTube Music Certification, YouTube Music Rights Management Certification, YouTube Asset Monetisation, and YouTube Content Ownership. People can learn and obtain a certificate in under six hours.

5. Authorised Buyers

This learning path may be an excellent place for those interested in becoming authorised buyers.

The courses will expose you to the workflow of the authorised buyer program, where you will understand the best offer type and ad format to use to fulfil the marketing needs of a customer.

Under this learning path, you can earn certificates on several topics such as Get Started as an Authorised Buyer, Authorised Buyers API Basics, Choose the right supply-side platform, and Get Preferred Deals Right.

Others are Get Programmatic Guaranteed deals right, reduce bid response filtering, Understand and avoid bid filtering, and Elevate Your Campaigns with Programmatic Buying.

In conclusion, Google Skillshop aggregates several training courses, but I decided to feature only five out of fourteen different courses.

I believe you can engage in these courses for passion, learning new skills, earning badges/certificates, and if you are intelligent, you can use the knowledge gained to set up your small consulting firm.

YES, you can make a living by registering all the businesses from your town or city on Google My Business. You can also become a Google authorised buyer or decide to be a local manager of some artists or Ulama by putting their products on YouTube.

You can also become a ‘marketer’ by specialising in Google Ads. The opportunities are endless unless you have cocooned yourself into seeing problems in every opportunity.

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**ASUU stands for The Academic Staff Union of Universities

  • Najeeb G. Abdulhamid a Google Certified Trainer is a Researcher at Microsoft

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