2023: Presidential aspirant promises quality services to humanity



Mr Malik Ado-Ibrahim, a Presidential aspirant under the Young Progressive Party (YPP), has promised to run a government that would bedrock on service to humanity if elected in 2023.

Ado-Ibrahim made the pledge at the YPP’s stakeholders summit which was held on Saturday in Abuja.

He said that it was enough of mediocrity in Nigeria and that his party and he were out to bring back the lost glory of Nigeria where service to humanity in the previous years was invisible.

According to him, I am out by the mandate of the YPP, operating on the rules of service to the people.

“A lot of harm had been done to the country in the last three weeks where the queue for the Petroleum Motor Spirit (PMS), electricity breakdown had now become the order of the day.

“The country needs to put all these pitfalls in order in choosing the right leaders who will have the mind of sacrifice in rendering humanitarian services to Nigerians.

“I am saying this because YPP is capable of leading this country; we need change in leadership. The bar is on the ground, we only have to step over it but we are going to set it so high.

“We are going to set an example, we are going to show what our party can do which the members believe. Power is earned by people who have vision.

“Some motivate their people with disregard but you can also motivate your people with vision.

“I want to tell you my vision so that you don’t think I am trying to win a popularity contest or trying to be something I am not.

“My head is full of ideas for a better Nigeria which I hope you will all join in trying to manifest it through your love for nation, position, through your drive for a country that desires to take its place on the global stage again,” he said.

Ado-Ibrahim added that YPP and he would also run an inclusive government where everyone would be carried along and would be free from religious sentiment.

Mr Debo-Ranti Ajayi, a Governorship aspirant under the same party platform in the June 18, Ekiti State Governorship election pleaded with Nigerians to allow fresh leadership into the country on the platform of YPP.

Ajayi alleged that the country did not have leaders but dealers who were using the country to advance their personal interests and agenda against general interest.

According to him,YPP as a party has qualified and tested individuals who can run leadership position very well.

He said this was the reason he was running for the governorship position in Ekiti State under his party platform.
“I have been tested. I am a former Commissioner for Budget and Economic Planning.

“Back in 2013, I was the Commissioner for Trade Investments and Innovations and I already saw the future of Ekiti, it is a knowledge economy worthy of true leaders.

“And if given the opportunity, Ekiti will be transformed for good,” he said.


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